On the road, following rivers around the world.
I had kept the river guide lifestyle
Just like rivers,
My life wound around the bend and flowed into Kamikawa
Rivers have the energy for people
I want everyone to feel how wonderful it is to play in the outdoors through rafting
and how beautiful the rivers around Daisetsu mountain are 
as the rivers have different expressions by the season.

【Guide Experience】
Yoshino River, Tone River, Ishikari River, Shiribetsu River, Hozu River, Seta River, Nagara River, Fuji River, Arakawa River
Saikawa River, Tenryu River, Sorachi River, Tokachi River, Mukawa River, Sarugawa River, Toyohira River, etc.

Kaituna River, Wairoa River, Rangitaiki River, Mohaka River, etc.

Kicking Horse River 

OTHER: Zambia, Uganda, U.S.A

Rafting Association of Japan Senior Guide
New Zealand Rafting Association (NZRA) Grade 4/5 Senior
British Columbia River Outfitters Association(BCROA)Trip Leader(OAR/PADDLE)
Rescue 3 Swiftwater Rescue Technician(SRT) I
Peak Safety Outdoor First Aid
St.Johns Level 1 First Aid
Japan Avalanche Network  Avalanche Operation Level-1

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